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Bill Roper's Journal
Obviously, I Should Have Made a Backup 
31st-Jan-2016 10:05 pm
Foolishly, I trusted Microsoft's assurances that the girls' computer and apps were Windows 10 compatible. Foolishly, I believed that things could be rolled back the same day that I'd run the Windows 10 upgrade.

Lies. All lies.

I tried doing a partial restore from the Acer hidden partition. That reinstalled Windows 7 partially, but the install couldn't finish for some unspecified reason. I finally gave up and wiped the old installation out completely, losing all of the Minecraft Worlds on that machine, but I did manage to get Windows 7 to boot again before going to bed some time after 3 AM. I set the machine to download updates, of course.

A shame I didn't think to turn off the sleep function. A shame that the sleep function will shut the machine down in the middle of downloading updates too. Who designed this mess?

Oh, right. Microsoft.

I turned off the sleep function in the morning and managed (finally!) to get the updates downloaded and installed. And then I had to reinstall the critical software which was -- happily! -- not much.

Well, it's a clean machine.

Should have renamed it "Penny Lane"...
1st-Feb-2016 09:03 am (UTC)
I trust that when you have it all finished you will be using a Linux bootable CD and an external USB Hard drive to make a clone image of the drive.
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