Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Desperate Shortage of Puppy Pictures

The thing you have to remember is that guys are like that. When Katie was born and I came charging back from Madison to pick up the things we would need for an extended stay there, our next door neighbor happened out and I told him that the baby had been born, we were going to be in Madison for a while, and I had come to pick things up.

When I returned outside with the next load for the minivan, his wife had arrived in the driveway, asking for little details like the sex of the baby, her name, weight, and so on. :)

It is with this in mind that I let you all know that I cleverly did not take any pictures of Ruby the Puppy yesterday. Because that would have been A Good Idea (TM).

Puppy pictures will follow in about a week...

Tags: dogs, home, kids, musings

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