Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

House of Tired

The problem started when I got an irritation in one nostril around 4:30 AM. This resulted in a lot of sneezing and blowing of my nose that woke Gretchen. Eventually, I gave in and took an Actifed which dried things up enough that I eventually got back to sleep, but now Gretchen was awake waiting for either Julie to come in or Ruby to wake up.

And eventually Ruby woke up, so Gretchen went downstairs to sit with her at an hour earlier than she would otherwise have had in mind, but she was awake anyway, so...

I finally crawled out of bed half an hour later than I'd intended, which used up the time that I'd planned to spend running by the bank and making a deposit, so instead I headed off to the Capricon meeting to close out the previous year's con. This kept me busy for a couple of hours by the time I finished talking to everyone, which meant that Katie was already off to her Girl Scout outing. I called Gretchen and arranged to bring food home, stopping by Superdawg on the way. This was followed by a trip to Sam's Club to cash our rebate check and pick up stuff for dinner, both of which took way longer than they should have (in the latter case, because the checker forgot to ring up $1.39 worth of bananas which resulted in my being stuck in a line at Customer Service until the fellow at the door who had originally stopped me finally took mercy on me and logged it as an error so I could leave). But that meant that Katie now needed to be picked up from Girl Scouts, so I stopped home to drop off the food that was sitting in her seat in the back seat, picked up Katie, and went off to the grocery store to pick up the rest of dinner, accompanied by a fairly constant whine requesting something sweet which I was eventually conned into.

Bonnie and Sam came over to watch the recording of the SpaceTime show at Capricon, which had gone well and held up to our viewing. By the time they left, it was after 9 PM and time to start trying to get everyone settled.

By the time I got to the girls' bedroom, Katie had already fallen asleep reading. I was not far behind, as I read a chapter of her book to Julie. And now Gretchen is singing to Julie.

We are all very tired. :)
Tags: capricon, cons, home, kids, musings

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