Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Assorted TV Series and Series Finales

Well, we're catching up on various series. We finished Galavant tonight, Agent Carter last night, and Code Black a couple of weeks ago when they wrapped up that season. We're caught up on CSI:Stupid (excuse me, Cyber) and there are only two episodes left there, so we should be done with it soon.

(CSI:Cyber is pretty much the toxic waste dump of what we watch. We're up-to-date on it, because it's usually safe to watch downstairs during the evening when the girls might walk in. But this is the worst waste of good actors that I've seen in a while. They'd be better off moving Ted Danson to some other city and giving him a new crime lab. Chicago comes to mind...)

We're actually up to date on Agents of SHIELD, Castle, Scorpion, Big Bang Theory, and Hawaii Five-O. Only a couple of episodes behind on Mom and Elementary. (We're very short on half-hour sitcoms at the moment.)

Eventually, we will move some of the large piles of episodes that have accumulated for series that we're way behind on.

But not this week.
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