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Bill Roper's Journal
That Taxes Thing 
13th-Mar-2016 03:53 pm
One of the distressing things about doing the taxes for Dodeka is seeing:

  • How many different titles we carry.
  • And how many of them appear to have sold one or fewer copies in 2015.

    Some of these are the result of having bought out Juanita's inventory when she retired and having acquired various CDs that had been sitting in her inventory for too long. A few of them are the result of my own ordering errors.

    The problem is that the boxes are large and heavy and the table is very full. But if you don't take the CDs out to the cons with you, you can't sell them...

    Filk is an extremely regional business. And given that we're in the eighth-or-so year of a sucky economy, I certainly understand people's reluctance to take a flyer on something that they aren't familiar with.

    Ah, well. Moving along now.
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    14th-Mar-2016 02:35 am (UTC)
    It's not so much the cost of the excess inventory, which is really only on the order of 150 CDs -- it's just the hauling around which starts to be annoying. :)

    I have generally tried to hold the price point on things, because it's not like I have that much stuff that needs to be liquidated and it's not clear much elasticity the market actually has. (If you don't want it for $15, did you want it for $10? Or do you really just not want it?)

    Sooner or later, most things sell. Depending on which thing it is, we might throw a party. :)
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