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Bill Roper's Journal
Done (Nearly) 
20th-Mar-2016 06:27 pm
The two new computers are now in place for Gretchen, Katie, and Julie. I believe that all of the critical files have been transferred, although the old machines will be placed into cold storage for a bit in case I missed anything.

The most entertaining part was transferring all of the Minecraft related items.

The second most entertaining part was getting the old Angry Birds PC games running and their status transferred for Gretchen. Sadly, Rovio has discontinued support for PCs and Macs and I can't find the registration code for Seasons anywhere, so no luck for that game. Ah, well.

I still need to install WordPerfect for Gretchen, but that can wait for a bit.

Heckuva round of Spring Cleaning! :)
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