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Bill Roper's Journal
Today's Common Core Failure 
22nd-Mar-2016 09:51 pm
On Katie's math worksheet for today, we find the following assignment:

Write a math problem that uses the word time interval.

The question for you: what is wrong with this question?
23rd-Mar-2016 03:05 am (UTC) - I gotta talk this out for myself...
Is this like a Kessel Run?

Also, that's two words, not one.

...writing a problem that uses words sounds more like an English assignment.

*goes to look up Time Interval*
Difference between the occurrence of two events measured in time.

...........what. What does that even mean. What.

Okay, http://www.mathsisfun.com/definitions/interval.html is better, defining Interval. And one of the definitions is "A definite length of time marked by a start and finish." So presumably a Time Interval would be an interval of time. (One moment whilst I go into a prescriptivist rage.) (Okay, back.) So the assignment should be: "Write a math problem that involves time."

...I'm gonna go have a prescriptivist rage again.
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