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Bill Roper's Journal
Julie Is Eight 
1st-May-2016 10:30 pm
Julie turned eight today.

Julie has been begging me to take her to a Cubs game. As it happened, I still had the tickets for today's game, so I headed down to Wrigley Field with Julie, knowing that it was not a fit day out for man nor beast.

We lasted three and a half innings. This was somewhat more than I had expected, as it was positively frigid with the wind blowing in off the lake, despite parkas, jackets, and an inadequate (but welcome!) blanket.

After dinner tonight at Red Robin (where we had a truly wonderful waiter), we went shopping for a new bike for Julie. Sadly, I couldn't find what I wanted for her at the store we went to, but some on-line research has located what I believe to be the correct bike at a different store, so Gretchen and the girls will head there after school tomorrow to pick it up.

It has been an amazing eight years.

I love you, Julie.

(And, Katie, I love you too, but your birthday is not for six months. :) )
4th-May-2016 01:04 am (UTC)
Happy Birthday Julie!
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