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Bill Roper's Journal
When Web Interfaces Go South 
3rd-May-2016 11:55 pm
Oh, good. The interface between the season ticket information for the Cubs and StubHub has now broken down completely, after first allowing me to list one game at a time instead of sending across multiple games at once. This makes selling excess tickets so much more fun.

What was even better was the StubHub chat rep who suggested that I use Google Chrome (which I was already using) and that I should reboot my computer (which would get me out of her chat window and into someone else's when that didn't work).

4th-May-2016 02:09 pm (UTC)
Tara was having trouble getting our (San Diego) credit union to send her Visa payment (to the credit card issued by her old Rockford credit union) last week. It wouldn't let her schedule it for the next business day (or the one after that), and just kept saying she was scheduling it too soon.

She called tech support at the credit union. Clearly (and actually admittedly) the person was just working with a script - he asked her to clear the cache which both Tara and I could tell had *nothing* to do with the issue.

Even when they don't offshore tech support, finding people for those jobs who know what they are doing is difficult. (And, I'd bet that some who do cannot because they aren't allowed to deviate from the script)
4th-May-2016 08:05 pm (UTC)
Good luck selling your tickets.

The last time I used StubHub, T think they charged 25% in commissions on each transaction. Either 10% from the buyer and 15% from the seller or the other way around, I forget. Maybe instead of working for a living, we should buy stock in EBay, which owns StubHub. :-)
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