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Bill Roper's Journal
Bill vs. The Hardware 
4th-May-2016 11:55 pm
I'm leaving for Marcon tomorrow, so it's time to be updating all of the devices that are going with me. This means ripping all of the newly acquired CDs for the table into iTunes and loading them into the company iPod. The ripping went pretty well. The loading into the iPod, not so much.

I fought and fought with the stupid device, trying to get Windows 10 to recognize it as anything other than a hard drive. And then I found the webpage that suggested trying a real Apple cable instead of the patchwork that I was using.

The iPod happily popped up in iTunes and was trivially synced.


Meanwhile, one of the two Samsung tablets that we use at the table had been turned off before being stored, so it had charge in it. It happily updated the 20+ applications that needed to be updated since the last time we used it.

The other had not been turned off and was completely discharged. Even after charging, it refused to update anything. Finally, in desperation, I punched up the browser on the tablet to find out what to do.

And the browser refused to browse, because the tablet had discharged so far that it thought that it was December 31, 2011.

So I reset the date.

And the browser browsed.

And the Play Store updated all of the apps.

It's being like that...
5th-May-2016 07:41 am (UTC)
USB cables are not always just 4 straight through connections. They often have resistors of various values between the wires which enables the device and the host to know something about where and what they are connected to.
5th-May-2016 09:31 am (UTC)
iOS devices can be very fussy. Sometimes they don't think that real Apple cables are real Apple cables. Replacement cables from reputable manufacturers work about as well, though.
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