Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

George Washington Is Getting a New Computer

My increasingly creaky home computer in the office is getting increasingly creaky. I have replaced essentially everything on the machine except for the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. Well, and the case. This has led me to refer to it as George Washington's Computer after George Washington's Ax, which George Washington actually used himself. The blade's been replaced three times and the handle's been replaced five times, but it's still George Washington's Ax.

George Washington's Computer is a bit over eight years old now and has found a new trick of just freezing and shutting down. When one of these incidents occurred recently, the computer rebooted and complained of a corrupt BIOS. So I went in and fixed the settings. But this suggests to me that one of the major motherboard components is creeping up on end-of-life and that it's time to get a new machine.

Late Saturday night, I priced out a new set of components -- which, as I expected, cost just about the same as the components that I bought the last time that I built a new machine for my home office eight years ago. They are, however, faster and provide more storage and RAM.

The new parts should show up on Thursday. Then I can build the replacement machine, install the software, transfer everything over, and ease George Washington's Computer into a gentle retirement.

All things considered, eight years is pretty good. :)
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