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Bill Roper's Journal
18th-May-2016 11:30 pm
After explaining to someone on the GT list how easy it is to assemble a new computer from parts, I got hammered for hubris tonight.

We got back from Julie's softball game (where she acquitted herself well enough to get a game ball!) and I set out to start putting the machine together, the parts having arrived today. Piece of cake.

I have now installed the motherboard three times:

  • Once, because it's the first part you put in.
  • Again, because I had to take it back out to screw in the aftermarket heat sink that I'd bought.
  • A third time, because some of the standoffs that I'd screwed into the case had become stripped during the two previous installations.


    On the other hand, I think it is now in the case to stay.

    I hope.
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