Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That Learning Curve Thing

Tomorrow is the last day of school. This means that if we are going to get Katie's song to her teacher, we need to do it tomorrow. (Well, we could wait until next year, but...)

So the chord check was done. Katie and Julie learned the song. And off to the basement we went to record.

Of course, Gretchen hasn't worked with the new interface box. So I showed her how to do that. Not too complex.

And then we recorded my vocals and guitar. And then we recorded Katie and Julie's vocals. And I mixed everything down in Cubase. And I exported the mix to do the trims and burns in WaveLab.

Which would not run.

Did I mention that I upgraded this computer to Windows 10 since I last ran WaveLab? *oops*

I had noticed earlier that there was a new version of WaveLab available which I had intended to get when I had more time. Well, I could either fight with my current WaveLab installation to try to get it running under Windows 10 or I could get the update.

I have gotten the update. It is now thinking about starting as it catalogs all of the available plugins.

I hope this works, because otherwise I am going to be reduced to Windows Media Player or some such to get this CD burned...

Technology. Wonderful stuff. :)
Tags: computers, filk, girls, home, musings, school, tech

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