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Bill Roper's Journal
I Wonder Where We're Filking Tonight 
4th-Jun-2016 11:25 pm
Balticon had a new hotel this year. In a bit of, well, interesting strategy, Programming -- much against Gary's will -- moved the filk room to a different room every night so that we could "try them out". We figured that Gary deserved to have a song written from his point of view about his plight.

Happily, Gretchen and I picked on a song that only has two verses in the original -- and a very singable chorus.

Note for the interested Programming Head for 2017: Gary would actually be quite happy to be in Kent, but it rhymed, so he is not responsible for that particular observation. :)

Words: Bill and Gretchen Roper
Music: I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight
Copyright 2016

I Wonder Where We’re Filking Tonight

When I said that I’d run filking,
You know I thought we’d have a room
And I didn’t think programming
Would send me to my doom,
‘Cause a filk should be located
Where you can find it every night.
And now I wonder
Where we’re filking tonight.

Oh, yes, I wonder where we’re filking tonight.
Yes, I wonder where we’re filking tonight.

It was so small, but it could have been smaller.
We could have wound up stuffed in Kent.
And I looked in James last evening
And I wondered where the filkers went,
‘Cause it seems that every evening
We’ve got to find a new place to light.
And now I wonder
Where we’re filking tonight.

(Chorus twice)
7th-Jun-2016 01:55 am (UTC)
And for those who may be wondering, I was *highly* amused when Bill and Gretchen serenaded me on Sunday night. 8-)
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