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Bill Roper's Journal
Julie's Softball Game 
22nd-Jun-2016 10:17 pm
Today was the next-to-the-last softball game for Julie for the season. She struck out in her first at bat of the game, but -- due to some of the coaches having to work late -- I got to pitch the second inning of the game. Every hitter who came to bat in the second inning reached base, until they finally reached the inning limit of five runs scored. For coach pitch, this is what we call a successful inning. :)

Julie's team also scored the five run maximum in the third inning with a different pitcher (although some outs were actually recorded) and I am fairly sure that they actually won the game.

And there was much rejoicing.

We decamped to Portillo's for dinner where we ran into several of the other parents and coaches who had had a similar idea, so we took over a couple of large tables and waited out the downpour that had been threatening all day but which had -- happily! -- held off until the game was done.

Julie's coach made a point of coming over to us after the game and letting us know that Julie had improved greatly during the course of the year, that she was playing well, that she listens to what she's told, and that she is very coachable.

And these were all fine things to hear. :)
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