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Run In Circles, Scream and Shout 
15th-Jul-2016 05:44 pm
Given that the sitting Turkish government was engaged in "de-secularizing" Turkey, it's not clear to me whether the military coup in Turkey is a good or a bad thing from the U.S. point of view. All things being equal, I tend to favor democracy, but it's not at all clear whether those things are equal in this particular case.

The first, best thing to hope for is that as few good people as possible get killed as a result of this.

Everything else turns out to be a case of "Wait and see", I think.
16th-Jul-2016 04:42 am (UTC)
A political topic we at least sort of agree on (!) I don't like coups, but I don't like religious fundamentalists who throw out their countries' secular constitutions either, even if they were democratically elected.

The news at 11:00 says that the coup has failed, but was predicting dire economic consequences for Turkey anyway.
16th-Jul-2016 10:26 am (UTC)
From my perspective, it would have been a good thing, had it worked. Erdogan is a dictator, and I can only hope that the EU is going to finally distance themselves from the thought to let Turkey join as long as this guy is in charge...
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