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Bill Roper's Journal
Meanwhile, Back at Wrigley Field 
18th-Jul-2016 11:51 pm
I went down to Wrigley with a friend of mine to catch tonight's Cubs / Mets game. The Cubs were leading 4-1 going to the bottom of the eighth and we decided to go ahead and leave early so that we didn't have to spend an hour waiting for the shuttle bus back to remote parking.

The state of the remote parking shuttle is just a bit sad when we're having to leave games early in order to get home at any reasonable hour.
19th-Jul-2016 08:09 pm (UTC) - Cubs game 7/18
Tony and I had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, saw some of the game and wondered if you were in the stands.
9th-Oct-2017 02:50 pm (UTC) - Back At Wrigley

Back at Wrigley.
On this sunny Monday. . .
I’d ❤ to see the victorious Cubs play. It’s playoff season, and the Cubbies are the reason I watch. What a good way to end the day. Ultimately, we can win on our home field, living to see another day—before finishing off the Nationals.
But, all’s not well.
My allergies are bugging me this morning. I don’t know what I got into. I mean, I haven’t been outside at all this morning to even get triggers in my nose. What a good day for a baseball game! A much-needed victory is what I’m wishing for today!
Go, Cubs!
What’s better than watching the game with my bestie later this afternoon? A victory is what my ultimate wish on this sunny Monday. The victorious Cubs can be victorious in front of the hometown audience this afternoon.
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