Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Minicon and Taxes

daisy_knotwise and I had a good time at Minicon this weekend, although maybe not as much music as we might have liked. But we were the auctioneers for the Art/Charity Auction which raised a lot of money for Minicon ($500 of it courtesy of Guest of Honor Terry Pratchett who bought one of the items that he'd donated and then donated it back to be auctioned again). And folks seemed to enjoy the auction.

We rode there and back with Steve, Sam, Bonnie, and beamjockey spread across two minivans, along with a whole buncha inventory for two dealer tables. A good time was had by all, or at least all who were awake at any given moment.

Now, it's time to go back and get our taxes ready to send to the accountant. *sigh*
Tags: cons, gretchen, home

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