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Bill Roper's Journal
Taking Considerably More Care Than Some Presidential Candidates I Could Name... 
8th-Aug-2016 12:03 am
I have looked at 3500 e-mails tonight and deleted all of the ones that I no longer need, dispatching the others to various folders that are not my Inbox.

This leaves about 2500 e-mails in my Inbox, but none of them are from 2015. :)
8th-Aug-2016 01:56 pm (UTC)
I was about to get mad, but I decided to think the very best of you that I possibly could, and assume you were referring to having well under one tenth the volume of e-mails to deal with.

Colin Powell is sure lucky he's a Republican.

I have about 1,600 e-mails in my inbox right now and I really need to go through and delete the no-longer useful ones. Unfortunately because of the, um, "quirky" web interface that my ISP uses since they switched from gmail, it takes forever. Sigh.
8th-Aug-2016 03:32 pm (UTC)
If my statement, which is in fact true upon its face, starts to make you mad, then there is a problem here and it is not mine.

There is a great deal more I could say, but this is my LiveJournal and I am going to choose not to.
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