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Bill Roper's Journal
And That Was the Day That Was 
27th-Aug-2016 11:02 pm
Thanks for all the lovely anniversary wishes!

I took Katie and Julie down to Joliet for Gabriel's birthday party. A great deal of fun was had by all, especially on the go-karts. :) We then adjourned for ice cream and shortly thereafter headed home. The rain earlier in the day had made the softball field unplayable, so the girls' game tonight was canceled, which took a lot of time pressure off.

It being our anniversary, I suggested that the appropriate destination for dinner would be Perry's Pizza, Gretchen's pizzeria of her youth and a place that we had ordered a great deal of pizza from after we met. This worked out well.

Because some things work out OK in the end. :)
28th-Aug-2016 04:06 am (UTC)
Happy anniversary!
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