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Bill Roper's Journal
Closing Down the Pool 
28th-Aug-2016 09:54 pm
Today was the last day that Mystic Waters, the big water complex in our neighborhood, would be open, so we headed there late today and stayed until they closed down for the season. This was despite discovering that Katie's swimsuit had not yet been washed after Julie accidentally tossed it into the toilet. (It was supposed to land in the bathtub. The shower curtains were closed. It bounced.) Katie eventually agreed to come into the pool in some rather unorthodox swim attire, which worked well everywhere except in the tall water slide, where it turned out to have a coefficient of friction that was way too darned high for that particular application.

But we had a good time. And at one point, I found myself towing Katie, Gretchen, and Julie around the deep end of the pool while walking backwards as fast as I could manage.

My calves may not forgive me for a while.
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