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Bill Roper's Journal
AT&T and the Bait and Switch 
1st-Sep-2016 11:56 am
Since I am a DirecTV customer and still have an AT&T landline, they bombard me with offers for their 40 MBPS Internet service. I have been skeptical about this, although it would be a good deal were they actually able to deliver.

But when I finally go in and check my address -- which they know, because I am a current customer -- it turns out that I can get a stunning 3 MBPS Internet service.

Assuming, of course, that they are actually capable of delivering that.

I hate Comcast. I am now trying to decide if I hate AT&T more, because the new TV season is about to begin and if the DirecTV DVRs are going to be replaced, best if it were done before they start stockpiling episodes to watch.

1st-Sep-2016 09:38 pm (UTC)
Marketing Department, I'd like to introduce you to Reality...
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