Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Real Friends Help You Move Furniture

We went out for lunch today and by the end of our odyssey, we had accomplished our furniture buying, going to two thrift shops, Target, and the furniture store with the desk of Katie's desire. Sadly, the last of the four was the one with the fixed delivery charge instead of my being able to pick up the desk there next week, but the desk should show up on Tuesday. The hutch, well, that's backordered until November, which I suspect has something to do with the arson fire in their warehouse.

Anyway, Julie acquired a desk at the first thrift store which filled up the back of the minivan. The second thrift shop supplied Katie's new/old dresser which I picked up after decanting passengers and desk at home. And during the expedition, I'd put in a call to Sam and Bonnie, because I realized we were about to be overmatched by furniture.

Sam and Bonnie arrived shortly after I got home and helped as we played furniture Tetris:

  • Move my old recliner chair from our bedroom to the hallway near the office.
  • Move my bookcase full of comic collections from Gretchen's corner of the bedroom to the spot near the door that the chair had occupied, pausing to move the loose comics into a long box.
  • Move the highboy from Katie's future bedroom to the place where the bookcase had been.
  • Move the chair into one corner of Katie's future bedroom, but then into the opposite corner as it became obvious what a bad plan the first corner had been.
  • Bring the dresser upstairs and put it in place in Katie's room.
  • Bring the desk upstairs and put it in place in the girls' current room.
  • Collapse in a heap.

    But Julie loves her new desk and has already set things up around it. Katie wants to be putting clothes in her dresser, but Gretchen plans to Febreze the drawers and line them with shelf paper first.

    And we still need to clean out the closet in her future room, which suffers from debris of all kinds, some of which has been in there since the room was our recording studio some time near the end of the previous millennium.

    It's progress. And I am grateful to Sam and Bonnie for coming out on short notice and making all of this furniture moving possible without killing someone. (Probably me.)
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