Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

West Wing Season Finale

I'm happy to report that -- according to the Chicago Tribune -- The West Wing has been renewed for another season. Based on tonight's episode, that's a fine thing. daisy_knotwise looked up at the half-hour mark and was amazed that the hour wasn't over, because they'd crammed that much action into the show. It was wonderful fun.

Ok, it's not much of a spoiler that Santos got the nomination. But who saw Leo as the Vice Presidential candidate before Josh and Leo's final meeting? I looked at Gretchen and said, "They just nominated Dick Cheney."

It's going to be a fascinating campaign next fall and I can only say -- as I've said before -- I wish I could have these two candidates to choose between. But it's a lot easier when you can order them from Central Casting.

Meanwhile, in our other subplot, I observe that in the Bartletverse, there is no Soyuz escape capsule at the International Space Station that would allow at least two of the stranded astronauts to get down to Earth. But I trust that the military shuttle will get them home safely.

I wish that I knew that we had one of those in this universe...
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