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Bill Roper's Journal
Politically Illiterate 
6th-Oct-2016 04:55 pm
I saw yet another political post today on my Facebook feed. It was a large picture of the Illinois governor with the prominent caption, "Governor Rauner, Pass a Budget".

I was moved. Mostly, I was moved to shake my head at the fact that whoever had originally generated the picture and whoever had posted it were neglecting the small matter that Governor Rauner is not the Illinois legislature and cannot pass any sort of bill. He could sign a bill. He can choose not to veto a bill.

He cannot, however, assume legislative powers just because the legislature has not actually managed to pass a bill that has been either signed or not vetoed. Our system does not work that way.

[Snarky remark elided. Some among you might actually figure out what it would be. :) ]

*thud* *thud* *thud*
7th-Oct-2016 12:12 am (UTC)
That's certainly superficially true but ignores the fact that Rauner does deserve a good deal of the blame for the lack of a budget by insisting that his complete political non-starter "turnaround agenda" be passed before he will talk about the tax increases without which a balanced budget is simply impossible.

I'm no fan of Madigan either. In fact, I'm all in favor of locking Madigan and Rauner in a room and then just bricking over the door.
7th-Oct-2016 12:25 am (UTC)
I believe that Rauner has offered to compromise, in that he is willing to take some of what he wants in return for agreeing to tax increases. What he isn't willing to take is none of what he wants in return for agreeing to tax increases.

Of course, compromising requires two parties who are willing to negotiate.

In any case, Rauner cannot pass a budget.

Edited at 2016-10-07 12:25 am (UTC)
7th-Oct-2016 02:37 am (UTC)
When the house is on fire there shouldn't be preconditions on putting the fire out. This applies both to Rauner's turnaround agenda and Madigan's refusal to have a vote on a tax increase without Republican support. I hate 'em both.
7th-Oct-2016 01:59 am (UTC)
I am pretty sure there are lots of people who think the President (and by extension, the state governors) "make a law." I've heard people say, "The President should make a law that...." They don't teach civics anymore, I guess.
7th-Oct-2016 09:28 am (UTC)
Including at least one major-party nominee.
7th-Oct-2016 11:36 am (UTC)
I want to lock the legislature and Rauner in a small room until they pass and sign a budget. At least the comptroller and courts agreed we have to still be paid. Stopping the from-the-trenches rant now.
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