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Bill Roper's Journal
Cubs Win! And Win! 
8th-Oct-2016 11:52 pm
Last night's Cubs game was a thriller, as the Cubs beat the Giants 1-0 on an eighth inning homer by Baez. Both pitchers threw a tremendous game and -- as the folks on the post-game radio program observed -- it was the sort of game where whoever lost it was going to feel really bad about it.

I skipped tonight's game, because Katie and Julie had been invited to a friend's birthday party. The girls had a wonderful time and the conversation was good. And I got back to the car just as the game started, so I was able to annoy the girls by listening to it instead of the Kidz Bop CD that they had handed me to listen to for the trip to the party. And the Cubs won tonight as well, so they have held serve and get to go to San Francisco leading two games to none. This is good, because Madison Bumgarner is pitching for the Giants in game three.
26th-Sep-2017 03:37 pm (UTC) - Cubs Win! And Win! 

The cubbies win and win some more. Last night’s game had an amazing score. My bestie and I didn’t watch the entire game; however, we did periodically check to see the score every so often. What an incredibly awesome game!
I ❤ how the Cubs managed to accomplish victory under the lights at Busch Stadium.
I’m sorry Sean and I didn’t watch the entire game.
Tonight’s game has the same start time and is on the same channel like last night.
It would be amazing to see another victory, despite just how hot it is. Another victory would most definitely seal the deal before the middle of the week.
I can’t wait for tonight’s game. Another win would be incredible. Nothing says “Cubs win” like a magical game that ended up with a score that was full of one-sided scoring that was in our favor. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we end up clinching once and for all tonight?
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