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Bill Roper's Journal
This and That 
9th-Oct-2016 10:45 pm
Before lunch, Katie and I went out in the backyard and cleaned up the ruins of the chair cushion that Ruby had shredded. The yard looks much better as a result.

The first thing to do after lunch was to pop the bad board off of the front gate, replace it with a new one from the garage, and chop it off with the fake Sawzall. Then I cut the piece of PVC pipe to the right length to make Pearl's staff for Katie's Halloween costume, as long as the Sawzall was out. Then I headed upstairs and went to work restoring Katie's computer, which had developed a distinct case of misbehavior, probably due to Katie having forcibly powered it down in the middle of Yet Another Windows 10 Update. This took hours, but the room has a TV, so I got to watch the Nats beat the Dodgers (Yay!), then a couple of archived episodes of New Girl while this was going on.

Later in the evening, Gretchen and I watched an episode of the new MacGyver (episode two, still not growing on us. Gretchen thinks the problem is with the fellow playing MacGyver who is -- in my opinion -- very good looking, but completely without chemistry with the rest of the cast or audience.). Then we watched the latest episode of The Good Place, which Gretchen initially hated until she found out it was a rather more complex series than she'd believed. (I was happy to discover that too.) And -- note for catalana! -- it's not often you see a discussion of utilitarianism on a sitcom. :)

Finally, I flipped over and caught the final inning of the Blue Jays / Rangers series. The Blue Jays have won now with our support, so we are expecting the same from hofdave as tomorrow night's Cubs / Giants game and Madison Bumgarner are looming on the other side of a good night's sleep.
10th-Oct-2016 02:46 pm (UTC)
I'm not quite sure how I feel about The Good Place yet. There are only a couple of people I like, most of the premise seems to be based on "the people 'good' enough to get to this place are dim and naive," and I don't really trust the writers enough yet to think they will do a good job with the plot and character complications that have been piled on so quickly.

ladyat likes it, so I will keep watching it for a while, but...

The last episode of Designated Survivor kind of cooled my jets about that show as well. It is asymptotically approaching unity in terms of the number of people on the protagonist's side, which I always find infuriating and unrealistic (not to mention lazy writing), and the "good guy stupids" are starting to creep in.
10th-Oct-2016 10:51 pm (UTC)
We haven't seen the latest episode of Designated Survivor yet. Gretchen was fairly ticked off at episode 2 where a Republican was picked to be the designated racist bully, because...

Personally, I think The Good Place is actually purgatory. It seems clear that everyone there has something they need to work on, including Michael.
10th-Oct-2016 09:18 pm (UTC)
And you've got some support from the Nats fans here too. Even though normally I would pull for the Giants next after the Nats and O's, but if the Nats can't pull it off this year I'd love to see the Cubs win. The Giants already have recent trophies.
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