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Bill Roper's Journal
Assorted Developments 
19th-Oct-2016 11:17 pm
Katie and Julie went to school this morning, but we got a call from the office letting us know that Katie didn't feel well, so Gretchen picked her up and brought her home after about an hour and a half of school. She largely seems well, except that she says that her stomach continues to bother her. She did throw up last night late, but she also had insisted on eating several ill-advised things on an iffy stomach, so we figured school was worth a try. There have been no further episodes and no ill-advised things eaten (that we know of), so we'll see how things go tomorrow.

Meanwhile, after two days of Cubs lack of scoring that could induce nausea in most Cubs fans, the team broke out and beat the Dodgers 10-2. This means that there will be a game six at home on Saturday, which is a good thing. :)
24th-Oct-2016 12:51 am (UTC)
did you get good money for extra series tickets? Inquiring minds...
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