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Bill Roper's Journal
Today's Update 
20th-Oct-2016 10:59 pm
Katie stayed home again sick today, which resulted in Gretchen taking her down to the pediatrician. An examination suggested that nothing serious was wrong and that she should try gently reintroducing her stomach to the subject of food. It's hard to tell how this is going, but we really believe that she is going back to school tomorrow.

The Cubs have had a good game thus far. Saturday is Gretchen's birthday and I have sold off the tickets for that day so that I can spend time with her.

If there is a game seven, I will be there for it.
27th-Sep-2017 02:53 pm (UTC) - Today's Update 
Go, Cubs!
Sure, we didn’t clinch last nigh; however, we now MUST pound the Cardinals to the ground.
I ❤ a good Cubs game, and I hope we can be victorious tonight, like we were on Monday night. Clinching the division tonight would be so incredible if you ask me.
I’d so ❤ to watch tonight’s game with my bestie. What a joy that would be. An earlier start time would end the battle around 9. Ultimately, winning would be the way to go, as the Cubs have an incredible season record to show.
I’m wearing my lucky shirt, and a victory tonight won’t hurt. Nothing would be better than achieving victory over the Cardinals on their own turf. Lucky shirt and pants—around 9, I will hopefully do my much-needed victory dance.
My allergies are acting up, but that’s not going to prevent me from watching a winning baseball game after dinner tonight. The Cubbies have done so well this year, I can smell achinching so incredibly near. Unfortunately, the Cardinals won’t make it—they shall lose to us tonight, with us hitting blasts all night.
My bestie and I hitting fart blasts and bombs, too.
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