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Bill Roper's Journal
One Bit of My Civic Duty Accomplished 
1st-Nov-2016 10:07 am
Well, I did one vaguely useful political thing today. I spent some time Googling, found the website for my Cook County Commissioner, and went to enter my opinion on their "Contact Us" form. Sadly, the "Contact Us" form did not work, so I called and got a nice man in the office. I let him know that the form didn't work and then proceeded to get increasingly agitated as I gave him my opinion of the massively idiotic soft drink tax that Tony Preckwinkle wants to impose on the county. He noted that my particular commissioner was against the tax and we proceeded to have a pleasant conversation on the subject. :)

There is nothing like imposing a tax with an effective rate of 35% or higher to motivate me to drive to DuPage County to buy soda. And to drink water in restaurants in Cook County, which can't be good for the restaurants.

Telling me it's "for my health" when I am always drinking sugar-free soda and predominantly drinking caffeine-free soda descends to the laughable category of political lies.

But it's election season, so political lies are in order.
1st-Nov-2016 07:52 pm (UTC)
It's a pattern, isn't it? Soda, even with artificial sweeteners, are "bad," and juice drinks with tons of added sugar are "good."
1st-Nov-2016 11:39 pm (UTC)
Actually, the pediatrician is pretty adamant about not giving the girls juice. Even when they were babies.
He was happy that the girls drank unsweetened ice tea by choice.

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