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Bill Roper's Journal
Game Seven 
3rd-Nov-2016 10:00 pm
Things were going well for the Cubs. Too well, as it turned out for a bit. Around the eighth inning, I started having flashbacks to 2003 when the Cubs failed to reach the World Series largely because Dusty Baker only had two relievers on his team that he was actually willing to use.

Joe Maddon was trying to go Dusty one better by getting down to a single trustworthy reliever, Aroldis Chapman. And if he hadn't brought Chapman into game six with a big lead, Chapman might actually have been effective in the eighth inning of game seven.

Chapman was notably ineffective, giving up the last of the Cubs' lead.

But the Cubs managed to survive into extra innings and -- after a short rain delay -- the offense bailed Maddon out.

And the Cubs are World Champions.

So all will be forgiven. :)
4th-Nov-2016 06:00 am (UTC) - Cubs grow into lions

Edited at 2016-11-04 06:01 am (UTC)
4th-Nov-2016 10:41 am (UTC)

I didn't watch the game but the top of the eighth was when I started following the scorebox at Bing or at the Cubs' own site. "Nailbiter" was the word I used most that evening.

4th-Nov-2016 11:43 pm (UTC)
Did you know that if you type the word cubs, in the google search box, the page that comes up includes the next game, and (if in progress) the current game numbers? Of course, for game seven, I had to go to MLBs own cartoon version of the current at bat, and the other details. When the Cubs took the pennant, the neighbor across the alley fired a volley of bottle rockets; evidence of which I found the next day close to the house. This time, he must have gone to bed early, as there were no fireworks heard. Or maybe everyone else in town is following the Brewers, with us being so close to the Wisconsin line.
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