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Bill Roper's Journal
That Was Strange 
20th-Nov-2016 11:15 pm
We went out to the movies today, with Gretchen taking the girls to see Trolls while I ducked into an adjacent theater to see Doctor Strange. This worked out well overall, as I am now prepared to explain all of the assorted Easter Eggs to Gretchen when we rent the film at some future date.

It is a sign of how much of a geek that I am that -- although Wong had mentioned it earlier in the film -- when Wong went into battle, I took one look at what he was holding and said to myself, "Ah! The Wand of Watoomb!"

I mean, recognizing the cloak of levitation is easy...
23rd-Nov-2016 04:30 pm (UTC)
Ooh, well spotted, I missed that one. I was tremendously gratified by the amount of Ditko influence. When the Ancient One sent Strange on his first jaunt through various dimensions, even before I head the words "dark dimension" come out of the speakers, I said (quietly), "That's Dormammu's realm!"

My one quibble came during the chase through the mirror world. If you're wearing a self-aware cloak of levitation that likes you and wants to protect you, why would you ever fall?
23rd-Nov-2016 07:42 pm (UTC)
Perhaps it was the cloak's own subtle way of saying, "Let's get out of here before you get killed."

Or maybe it just has a sense of humor. :) (That's what everyone needs -- a cloak of levitation with a sense of humor...)
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