Bill Roper's Journal
Planting My Butt Firmly in the Studio 
24th-Nov-2016 11:23 pm
I engaged today in an act of faith, given how little time that I've managed to spend in the studio this year.

The high-backed chair that I have in the studio turns out to do nasty things to my back if I spend overmuch time in it. As a result, I've been sitting in a non-entirely-comfortable-but-not-back-wrecking Steelcase chair that I salvaged from one of our closing offices over a decade ago. (The chair is about 20 years older than that.) It's not entirely satisfactory, but it will do.

I was flipping through the Black Friday sale papers and discovered that Office Depot had a Serta Big and Tall Men's chair for sale at a substantial discount. And I thought about my determination to spend more time in the studio and how this chair would likely be a great improvement.

So I ordered it. It should be here next week.

And I should start spending more time in the studio...
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