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Bill Roper's Journal
30th-Nov-2016 10:53 pm
One of the changes that I made managed to break someone else's build. However, that was easily fixed by adding one more JAR to the version of the build that they were using.

Someone else checked in a mismatched code change that broke the build. And yet another person fixed that.

Today, I found that I needed to do a different version of one of my changes or else the Integrated WebLogic Server in JDeveloper wouldn't start up. I certainly hope that everyone installed their "installed" version of our products on the C: drive, else we're going to have yet another build problem.

And we spent a substantial amount of time discussing WorkManager configuration, which is way more of a black art than it ought to be.

After all that, I was finally able to start running my unit tests. (Actually, these are unit tests that someone else wrote, but I have now beaten them into a condition where I can use them. I intend to add more later.)

And I have:

  • Found and fixed bugs in my code. (And observed that there are some more bugs there that need to be rooted out.)
  • Found and fixed bugs in other people's code.
  • Found and fixed bugs where people have inaccurately modified my code.
  • Found bugs where I have told other people that they need to go fix their code.

    Bugs, Mr. Rico! Zillions of 'em!

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