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Bill Roper's Journal
Tomorrow, We Will Decorate the Tree 
1st-Dec-2016 11:25 pm
Our Christmas tree has been standing naked in the living room since Sunday. But Monday we were getting ready for the cleaning lady to come on Tuesday, and for the last three nights we've been way too busy with many things to even think about starting to decorate the tree.

Tomorrow, however, there will be no homework to do that can't wait one more day. And the tree will -- finally! -- be decorated.

I hope.
3rd-Dec-2016 07:59 pm (UTC)
I'm not even sure why we bother to put the tree up before mid-December -- it goes up on Thanksgiving weekend, and then lurks in the corner with no decorations (just lights) for two or three weeks, until we have a quorum. When the kids were in school, there was always homework and concerts and parades and church pageant rehearsals. You'd think it'd be easier now that there's only one kid at home, but you'd be wrong. J's got choir rehearsals & performances, I have rehearsals, DB has a A/V job with a different church (with a pageant and a big XMas Eve program) and is lead tech for Ballet Chelsea's Nutcracker, which is a week+ of 12 hour days, three days off (in which he takes his two remaining finals), and another four 12-15 hour days.

This year is complicated by the (possible) recount -- PR tells us that unless we hear otherwise, we start Wed am and work 10 hour days, including weekends, until we're done -- and a concert at church next weekend.

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