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Bill Roper's Journal
Random Expenditure Strike 
2nd-Dec-2016 05:10 pm
Julie (for a variety of complex reasons) wanted to watch a DVD on the player in our bedroom. After arguing with her for a while, I fired it up.

"Fired" being the operative word.

The player lurched along trying to play the disk, but not actually seeming to send any signal to the new TV. Eventually, I smelled the nasty smell that indicated that the magic smoke had escaped from the electronic device, which had reached the end of its life.

Of course, the DVD was still in the player, so I had to disassemble it to get the DVD out.

And I found the six-sided die someone had stuck into the VCR slot of this seven year old combo unit.

I don't actually think the die had anything to do with killing the player. The VCR half, maybe, but not the DVD side.


Must be time to buy a new disc player. (But not a 4K one. Those are still damnably expensive.)
3rd-Dec-2016 02:11 am (UTC)
We've had two DVD/VCR combo units die on us. Neither one lasted 7 years individually; I'm not even sure they lasted 7 years combined.

The more recently deceased one has had a tape cartridge stuck in the VCR side for a while. We were using the DVD side until it refused to open up its tray so we could insert a disk.
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