Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Spring Cleaning

In honor of the really nice weather, daisy_knotwise and I flung open the door of the garage, pulled out both cars, and starting throwing things out. Before long, we'd managed to clear the shelves where the Dodeka traveling inventory goes, making it possible to take it out of the minivan for the first time since October.

The trash men are going to think we're demented though. No garbage for two weeks, because of Minicon and FKO and our trash collection being on Friday when we were out of town. Then a huge mass of recycling, because nothing stops the build up of paper and cans last week.

This week, the results of the garage clean up arrive on the curb.

Post-cleaning, Sam and Bonnie came by and we fired up the grill. Gretchen had picked up strawberries earlier with shortcake in mind, but when Sam and I went to the store to grab meat, she'd forgotten to mention that we should grab aerosol whipped cream. So Sam and I went through the Culver's drive-through window later and came back with a quart of vanilla custard instead. This was a much better idea.
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