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Bill Roper's Journal
Murphy At Work 
17th-Dec-2016 07:21 pm
Although we had some Christmas shopping to do, I figured I might be able to spend a bit of time in the studio mixing today. The best laid plans...

At some point during the expedition, either on the way out the door or on the way to lunch, Gretchen told me that she had been hearing a buzzing sound in Katie's room. Katie's room, as it happens, is two stories above the studio. Eventually, Gretchen made her way to the basement and discovered that one of the two monitor speakers was making "a horrible noise". Quite reasonably, she turned it off.

When I got home, I checked the setup and determined that nothing was actually being sent to that speaker in the way of a signal. Well, that's not good. Let's turn it on.


Yeah, let's just turn it back off.

So it looks like the speaker has blown something, probably a bad capacitor. The last time I had to get this fixed, I took it to the pro-audio repair store that is far away on the south side and they kept the damned thing for two months.

I really do not want to be without my primary monitor speakers for two months. So I pinged Dave.

Dave has kindly agreed to take a look at the speaker and see what can be done.

In the meantime, I have ordered a new set of monitor speakers, because it would be good to actually be able to get some work done in the studio over Christmas break. And if Dave succeeds in repairing the speaker, I'll have three different speaker setups that I can use for testing the mix.

If I can just figure out where to put all these speakers...
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