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Bill Roper's Journal
Checking Out the New Monitors 
21st-Dec-2016 09:34 pm
The new monitor speakers arrived today and I have installed them in the control room. They come with calibration software for the iPad, so I used that to make some tweaks. And they still need to go through their break-in period, although they've had a few hours of being blasted with "The Chain", because, well, big old drum line. :)

They sound really good. I am hoping they don't actually sound too good, which is a strange thing to worry about, I suppose, but you want your mix to sound good on lesser speakers as well. Of course, I've got the Mixcubes for that.

I listened to a few other things that I had lying around the studio, including some AIFF files from Dream of a Far Light. The subwoofer was very excited to hear some of them. (I'm not sure if these were final files or test mixes that were sent down when I was recording a couple of Amy's fiddle tracks for the album. There was, however, a lot of bass down here. :) )
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