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Bill Roper's Journal
4th-Jan-2017 09:35 pm
The second of the two Asus M32CD desktop computers that I bought for the family has developed the same failure mode around the power switch that the first one did. This is a pretty annoying design flaw, because the actual switch is held into a plastic bracket by two flimsy catches that break with usage so that the switch no longer makes contact with the big round button on the front. You can press the button, but the switch, not so much.

I fixed the previous break with some hot glue and help from Gretchen; I plan to do the same here.

But really! This is a stupid design.
5th-Jan-2017 04:41 am (UTC) - Nu, kvetch!
So complain to the mfr, cc:Consumer Reports, and be sure to make the cc: visible in the message.
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