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Bill Roper's Journal
Diagnosis: Strep 
27th-Jan-2017 10:29 pm
Julie felt unwell this morning and had a nasty sore throat. She wasn't running a fever at the time, but we kept her home from school. By the time Gretchen decided to cart her off to the urgent care, the fever had arrived. That and the absence of congestion had made us believe this was quite likely strep throat, which the rapid strep test confirmed.

Julie now has antibiotics and is starting to feel better.

Now, if we can just avoid passing it around the family...
28th-Jan-2017 05:59 am (UTC)
Good luck! (Have I told the story of our kid's strep throat? With the symptom of vomiting. And then she was allergic to 'cillin, we found out, because there were hives. Oatmeal baths help. ...it was years ago. I am still traumatized. Also 4 hours of sleep last night. HI!)

But seriously, good luck. I hope no one else gets it and that it goes away quickly and with no allergic reactions. O:>
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