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Bill Roper's Journal
The Kind of Day It's Being 
7th-Mar-2017 10:14 pm
I went to print out the Dodeka tax forms where I had carefully filled in the PDF forms the other day.

And when I opened them, every single Federal of them was blank, completely devoid of the values that I had filled in and saved. I do not know exactly how this happened, but I am not at all happy about it.

So I filled them in again.

Interestingly, the Illinois tax forms had kept their values. I have no idea why.

And I caught a six dollar error in calculation when I was filling in the forms again. So I had to tweak the values on the Illinois form anyway.

8th-Mar-2017 09:18 pm (UTC)
Some of the fillable forms are evil-tricksy that way. I thwart their nefariousness by, essentially, printing to PDF (won't bore you with iFruity details).
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