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Bill Roper's Journal
Bits and Pieces 
25th-Mar-2017 11:23 pm
Today was a day in which little things got done.

We dropped Julie off at a birthday party, then I ducked into Home Depot and picked up some silicone grease to lubricate the sliding shower doors with. While I was there, I also got some potting soil for Gretchen, and a couple of Cree LED light bulbs: one for the office, where I think I'm creeping up on another bulb failure, the other a 3-way bulb for when the bulb in the corner of the bedroom goes. We picked up one of the Cree 3-way bulbs about a month ago for the family room lamp and it's acquitted itself well there, so I'm willing to try another of the expensive things. :)

Then we went to the new Mariano's to use our discount coupon and restock on things that we'd need. The store was really crowded, which was no surprise, this being the first Friday that they'd been open.

We picked Julie up from the party, where she'd had a fine time, and headed home. Freeing Ruby the Dog from her kennel, I then threw the ball. A lot.

I went upstairs later to try to clean up a bit of work leftover from last week and discovered that there was something distinctly wrong with the code that I'd been given to use. I don't know why it doesn't work, but it clearly doesn't. I sent off an e-mail saying that and went back down for dinner.

After dinner, I loaded Trillian on Katie's tablet and hooked her up so that she could send me instant messages when we're both at a con and Wi-fi is available. I figure that will be handy at FilkONtario.

Then it was upstairs to lubricate those shower doors. :)

The girls are now mostly in bed. Tomorrow is the last day of their spring break, so it will be back to school on Monday. Getting reasonable sleep tonight will be a good start towards surviving Monday.

And, in a minute, I will go adjust the DVR so that it will allot extra time for when the NCAA basketball tournament runs over again tomorrow and cuts off the end of Elementary...

Nothing big. Lots of little.
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