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Extreme Spoilers for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

I have folks who read my blog who are way behind on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD through no fault of their own. Thus, a lengthy preamble and a cut-tag to hide away the spoilers that follow.

Yes, really. Spoilers. If you care, don't click through.

Ok, that should be enough space. :)

Gretchen has complained to me about the apparent illogic of how the Framework (where our heroes are currently mired) is set up. I put this explanation to her earlier today and she agreed that it made sense, although she's not sure that the showrunners have thought it through as much as I have. On the other hand, I have some 50+ years of experience as a comics fanboy, so...

The Framework was designed by Radcliffe to give people who uploaded their consciousness into it a better life, by eliminating one of their great regrets. When Aida took over the Framework, she was constrained by that design.

It didn't mean that she couldn't poison it though. So each of the captured SHIELD members who had their consciousness forcibly uploaded into the Framework got a "fix", but it was a poisoned fix. Coulson got to marry the love of his life, but then lost her, because she wasn't going to put up with his being a crazy conspiracy theorist. Mac gets a daughter, but his wife is conspicuously absent, and he lives in fear of Hydra. May no longer kills the Inhuman girl in Bahrain, but as a result that girl kills hundreds of children in the U.S. Mace -- well, we'll find out about Mace's fix later.

Fitz is the exception here. Fitz was the only person who ever cared about Aida, so he gets the special bonus package so that he is in love with and loved by the most powerful woman in the world. And that's Aida -- now Madame Hydra -- who has what she wanted. She is finally a real girl.

And the Framework's equivalent of Simmons is dead, dead, dead to make sure that she can never challenge Aida for Fitz's love.

This all works fine until Daisy and Simmons pop in without going through Aida's poisoned portal. Now the original logic of the Framework takes over and the false reality adjusts for their presence without giving them a poisoned fix. So Simmons is alive (which is a definite upgrade over being dead), but she's still got a messed up story because she had been "pre-fixed", so to speak.

Daisy, on the other hand, gets the fix that she always wanted. Because she had loved Ward and he had betrayed them all. If only Ward had been the hero that she thought that he was...

And now he is. Which explains why the dead Ward appears in the Framework at all.

So how does that sound?
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