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Bill Roper's Journal
Home From FilkONtario 
24th-Apr-2017 11:30 pm
We are home from FilkONtario and really, really tired. The trip took a bit longer than we'd expected, despite excellent weather. The big glitch was a wreck that happened on the 401 while we were stopped at one of the enRoutes. Traffic was massively backed up, as the wreck forced traffic into a single lane on the shoulder. Given that they were just finishing cleaning it up as we passed by the scene of the accident, it's entirely possible that we would have been there when the accident was happening if we hadn't stopped, so the stop looked better and better, all things considered.

I had a good time at the con, but traveling long distances with the girls is being challenging. We need to figure this out.

Of course, we have a year before the next FKO...
25th-Apr-2017 04:51 am (UTC)
Bin there, dun that, would not buy again.
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