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Bill Roper's Journal
Rain, Rain... 
20th-May-2017 02:15 pm
Yesterday's softball game was canceled, which was a good choice, as it had rained much of the day, so the field was not only on its way to becoming a quagmire, but it was the sort of wet cold outside that would have made everyone thoroughly miserable. As a result of the cancellation, we all got to attend the Ice Cream Social at the girls' school. This made everyone very happy.

There's a raffle there where various of the teachers and parents have donated prizes for the benefit of the PTO. I bought raffle tickets for Katie and Julie and let them distribute them as they chose through the various sacks that were collecting tickets for the various items. Katie didn't win anything, but happily Julie won the thing that she really wanted, which was a chance to spend a half day with Mrs. O'Brien, her former first grade teacher, in her class.

The Book Fair was also finishing up last night and I bought a couple of more books that Julie had asked for, because, well, books! (And chapter books to boot...)

Now, if only Katie hadn't picked up a head cold...
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