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Bill Roper's Journal
An Atypical Birthday 
23rd-May-2017 11:00 pm
Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes!

Julie was home from school sick today with a tummy bug, which made things more complex. She's feeling better now and we're hoping she'll be able to go on the school's field trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo tomorrow.

I have the head cold Katie had over the weekend, which is not a plus. :)

The roofers probably will not return until Thursday, when the rain is supposed to stop.

But happily, Katie's softball game was canceled, which is much better than playing in rain and slop. (Especially when I have a head cold...) The next game is Thursday by which time things should have dried out a bit.

My new VM almost works. My old VM goes away in an hour or so. It would be good if we could move past almost soon...

And now it is time for bed.
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