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Bill Roper's Journal
Upgrading Gretchen 
2nd-Jun-2017 11:40 pm
Well, actually, upgrading Gretchen's laptop.

Nearly two years ago, I bought Gretchen an HP Stream. Never again. It is now in the process of failing in all sorts of interesting ways. I may open it up and see if a cable is badly seated or something like that, but since the stupid machine will reboot itself when you have booted into the BIOS settings, I'm fairly sure that this is not a Windows problem.

And being an HP Stream, unless the problem is a badly seated cable, the machine is nigh unto unrepairable. For example, if this is a RAM error, you are out of luck, because the RAM is soldered to the motherboard.

But I will take a look at it. Eventually. (I have a litany of complaints about the machine, not the least of which is having to plug in an external hard drive in order to update Windows 10, because the Microsoft-size-mandated built-in flash drive is too small to allow for it.)

In the meantime, I have bought a nice little lightweight Acer laptop for Gretchen on heavy sale. It's only a dual core, but I've now upgraded the not-soldered-in RAM to 8 GB, which should give Windows 10 plenty of room to operate. I have also purged Firefox and McAfee and installed Chrome, Avira, and Alpine.

All of this only took about two hours, the largest single item being installing Avira.

I am sure that the machine will shortly busy itself downloading Windows 10 updates. But it can do that without me.
3rd-Jun-2017 03:15 pm (UTC)
I have yet to find a piece of HP gear that didn't fail on me.
3rd-Jun-2017 03:28 pm (UTC)
I had a couple of excellent HP products back in the 80s...
3rd-Jun-2017 04:57 pm (UTC)
The only HP products I do use regularly are their laser printers (especially after I had one last about 16 years before replacing it mostly due to speed and age.) (The replacement needed a maintenance part unexpectedly and the warranty did not cover it, since it was over a year old when it broke. (Fuser went bad at 20k pages vs the lifetime of about 200+k.)

The other product is their Elitebooks for work. I have been fairly happy with those. They are not the cheapest machines, but work well for me.
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