Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper


Inspired by catalana, I present the Babelfish translation of one of my better known songs from English to German to French to Portuguese to English. Despite this, I think you'll figure it out.

The Jugendpopsicle of raparigas that they swim in the sector, as much better looked at them, before vocês dekomprimierten your face. The ruptures that were vocês cryin ', are congealed for to each time more.' I thought, lyin "were ' you", when it said that ' he was "walkin ' of this door. Jugendpopsicle raparigas, is now so blue. I see for your color that is also was dull, but as not it could would know to wait you the double doll, when me said that it was a vocês time to go? (spoken) it satisfied a youth controversy, a liked Gamasche dull. But it considered me then to whistle airlocks and wise person who is not come back. It would take for the interior raparigas, a vocês Jugendpopsicle, but that it would constitute, given that gefriertrocknet becomes there? I leave them in superior part in the way, under the stars _ even so the gentlemen to be now cold, the gentlemen to be always my love exactamente.
Tags: filk, humor, meme
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