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Bill Roper's Journal
Me Vs. Windows and Cubase 
2nd-Aug-2017 09:45 pm
This seems an inherently unfair match up. There's only one of me and there are thousands of people working to make things not work when you get an OS upgrade.

Ok, I am excessively cynical. But I am now starting to wonder if a vagrant Windows 10 update is the thing that is causing Cubase to misbehave so badly. The UA plugins simply won't load at all. The menu is MIA (although you can see individual entries by mousing over them). The program crashes every time you close it once you open a project.

I've tried pulling the Mackie Control drivers out. That hasn't changed anything. So now I am on to checking out Windows 10 and discovering that there is a big fix to the update that they just pushed.

Except when I try to load it, the download stops at two percent. Oh, joy.

So I am now running a system scan to see if Windows is basically sane, in the hope that will allow me to download an update that may work better with Cubase.

Assuming that it's Windows that is the problem.

It could be something else, you know.
3rd-Aug-2017 12:00 pm (UTC)
The grumpy, cynical side of me suspects Windows. I was pleasantly surprised when a recent update at work doesn't seem to have broken anything.
14th-Aug-2017 03:26 am (UTC)
I believe it was Windows too. :)
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